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Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea
Kory Honea is the Sheriff-Coroner of Butte County, which is in Northern California. He has served in that position since May of 2014.
A very proud wife
Lester Swick of Springfield, NJ is a first-generation police officer who was hired by the Union County (NJ) Police Department in 1983 as a patrolman.
A Husband, A Father: Our Hero
Our names are Donna Francolino, Katie Francolino, and Kristea Francolino - the very proud wife and daughters of Officer Thomas J. Francolino (ret.).
Heroes live forever
Working as a law enforcement officer, I devote my life to the community I serve.
Deputy Michael David Ryan E.O.W. 12/31/2017 and Sergeant Robin Shepherd-Ryan
Hello, my name is Robin Shepherd-Ryan, a sergeant for the Broward Sheriff's Office, Florida. I am here to honor and memorialize Deputy Michael David Ryan.
My Family Legacy
Hello, my name is Edward J. Akins; at the age of 25 I began my career in Law Enforcement as a Correctional Officer for the State of New Jersey.
John Plevell Detective/CPL Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Hi, my name is John Plevell, I started in law enforcement on October 15, 1978. During this time frame, I worked for two small police departments. In April of 1979 I was involved in a pursuit in which I was injured, four others were hurt, and one died....
A Special Agent’s Story
The daily ritual of holstering a firearm, pinning on a badge, and stepping out the front door into a world of unknowns to go to work was my life for thirty-five years.
NYPD Detective Michael Hinrichs
Detective Michael Hinrichs, grandson of a NYPD Detective, was appointed to the NYPD in July of 1984.
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