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Stand With Honor Stories

The professionalism of your career in law enforcement is what you bring to it
My name is Mark Langford, and my seventeen years in law enforcement span three separate agencies, starting in 1990 with the police department for the small city of Trinidad, Colorado.
Sergeant Matthew Hand
He grew up in a small country town playing golf as often as he could and dreaming of joining the Air Force one day, partly to follow in his grandparents’ footsteps, largely so he could fly at breakneck speeds in a jet.
Serving Others, Paying It Forward, Making A Difference Every Day
I was raised in Bogota, New Jersey beginning in 1968 at 5 years old. My father, Raymond J. Burke, was a NY City Transit Police Officer.
Pride, Integrity, Dedication, Loyalty, Hard-Working
This is a story about my father, Raymond J. Burke, Sr. Prior to serving as a NY City Transit Police Officer he served his country in the United States Air Force for approximately 10 years from 1954-1964.
He’s my hero
I’m honoring my husband, Chris McDonough, a retired Oceanside, California Police Department homicide detective, who spent his law enforcement career serving and honoring others. He’s my hero!
Police Officer Kevin A. Minor
I am honoring my husband, my hero, Police Officer Kevin Minor. In 1991, Kevin answered God’s calling to serve and protect others. He began his career as a patrolman for University City Police Department.
DJL – One of a Kind
My name is Jeff Dovigh and I have been working for the New York State Police since October 30, 2000. I have received my share of commendations and awards, been part of many interesting details and serve on several specialized units (K-9, Contaminated Crime Scene, Bomb Disposal Unit). My career has been very rewarding, helping countless numbers of people. From providing people with simple directions to aiding victims of serious crimes. But this is not all about me.
Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea
Kory Honea is the Sheriff-Coroner of Butte County, which is in Northern California. He has served in that position since May of 2014.
A very proud wife
Lester Swick of Springfield, NJ is a first-generation police officer who was hired by the Union County (NJ) Police Department in 1983 as a patrolman.
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