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Featured Stories

Blessed Career
I was able to complete a personally truly satisfying 28-year career at the Green Bay Police Department. During those years, I elected not to go into any supervisory positions and instead chose to catch bad guys my entire career.
A Life of Service
Since I was a small child, I was drawn to law enforcement. Looking back on it, I’m not completely sure why. No one in my family was a cop but becoming one was my dream.
37 Years of Fighting Crime in America
Special Agent James R. D’Amelio conducted hundreds of undercover operations worldwide, as well as many protective missions including President John F. Kennedy through Ronald Reagan.
Deputy Cameron’s Story
My name is Bryan Cameron and I am a Deputy Sheriff in Orange County, Virginia. My law enforcement career began in 2013 and has changed my life in so many ways.
Joe’s life as a Police Officer
I’m writing this story of my dad’s life as a police officer because I am proud of him and he is too proud to write something about himself.
Honor, Integrity, and Service
Hello, my name is Todd Putorti. I joined the New York Start Department of Motor Vehicles, Division of Field Investigation, in 2003, because I wanted to help ensure identity integrity and prevent fraud in a post-9/11 world.
Police Career
My name is Harlan Hogue and I joined the MPDC on January 5,1970.
It’s Not a Career, But a Calling
A career in law enforcement cannot be classified as a job, but as a calling; for the motivations necessary to be successful in the profession must come from within.
Life Changing Career
My story starts with my Uncle Nick who was a police officer for Cicero, Illinois, Police Department. He used to let me dry fire his revolver at a target when I was only 10 years old.
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