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Featured Stories

A Law Enforcement Family
My name is Michelle Schonzeit and I currently serve as the Chief Ranger at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, PA. However, I am not the only LEO in our home.
Officer Harold L. Vitale – Service Before Self
We are the surviving five brothers of Harold who grew up the middle child in a large, close knit Italian family of six boys, two girls, our parents and our grandmother.
Law Enforcement Around the World
I had a great childhood in Fall River, MA due to the efforts of my parents, Ken and Nancy, and my grandmother, Irene, but Fall River was a tough city.
A Dream Come True
Hello, my name is Carl H. Jeanty. As a youngster growing up in Haiti, I have often dreamed of becoming a U.S. law enforcement officer and a U.S. military officer.
A bit about me…
My name is Annette Cotton. I joined the Shelby County Sheriff's Office as a reserve officer in 1988 when I was 27 years old. I remained a reserve officer for 16 years before going full time.
The Greatest Show on Earth….
I knew I wanted to become a police officer from the time I was in elementary school. After graduating from high school in 1977, the NYPD was still not hiring due to the financial crisis of the 1970s
For Micah Flick
My name is Cliff Porter. I am Sergeant with El Paso County Sheriff's Office. I joined the Museum because of their work and I wanted honor Detective Micah Flick X26 whose End of Watch of February 5, 2018, when he was killed in the line of duty
A Brief Story
On March 9, 1973, I was sworn in as the first, and at the time, only, female police officer with the Annapolis (MD) Police Department.
Dream Job
Having the opportunity to serve my community and country as a police officer has been a dream come true. Every day presents a new challenge and the reward of being part of the solution.
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