A Law Enforcement Family

My husband, USPP LT Simeon Klebaner and I, Chief Ranger Michelle Schonzeit outside Independence Hall

Michelle Schonzeit
Chief Ranger, National Park Service, Independence National Historical Park

My name is Michelle Schonzeit and I currently serve as the Chief Ranger at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, PA. However, I am not the only LEO in our home. My husband, LT Simeon Klebaner, has been with the US Park Police for 21 years. He currently serves as the District 5 Commander for US Park Police and previously was the Aviation Commander, Shift Commander, and served in numerous stations including serving as a Rescue Technician (Paramedic/LEO) in Aviation.

We manage careers in two separate cities. I work in Philadelphia and he works in the District of Columbia. We have a 2-year-old daughter who lives in our family home in Annapolis, MD although, I am away for work during the week.

Some great facts about our dual careers:

  • I shoot better than my husband.
  • He’s a better Paramedic than I am
  • He’s probably also a better Police Officer, but I still out rank him.
  • He’s rappelled out of helicopters and is a Rappel Master
  • I’ve rappelled with a rifle down Hoover Dam
  • We’ve both saved numerous lives in our careers and helped protect some of the places most sacred to Americans

We are both proud to serve as Law Enforcement Officers.

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