Join the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum’s Stand With Honor community, and let your stories be our legacy.


Since America’s earliest days, millions of men and women have answered the call of law enforcement. Currently, 900,000 serve, but more than 21,000 have fallen in the line of duty. Behind all of us are stories of service, sacrifice, and bravery—stories of honor that need to be heard.


“Stand With Honor” is Our Voice


For the first time ever, our nation has a focal point that tells the stories: a place to preserve our legacy. Featuring engaging, interactive exhibits, at the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum, visitors can learn what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we serve: a historical experience that highlights the untold stories that shaped our nation.


What will linger in the hearts and minds of those who visit is an overwhelming sense of service and sacrifice that stems from our fellow brave law enforcement officers.


Stand With Honor and be a part of American history. It’s easy. It’s meaningful. And it matters.


Whether you are an active or retired officer or a surviving family member, we want your story preserved in the Museum and on the website for the nation to see.

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